sacred objects

by Long Sought Rest

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A collection of songs written under bridges and alcoves about facing ourselves and fleeing stagnation, self-medication and codependency.

Recorded in the spring before our second tour by Joey at Leftfield Studios.


released May 14, 2019

notaflof// guitar, harmonica, singing saw, vocals

ava// banjo, stompbox, vocals

obsidian// keys, buttons, bellows, vocals


all rights reserved



Long Sought Rest Olympia, Washington

packs and dogs unite//stompy spooky folk punk//on the road forever//spanging in a town near you//pls book us!!~*~*

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Track Name: neutral ground
my mind's not wanderin', its lost, circlin' round bad things. and i'm not good to my body, but my body, it ain't good to me. i follow my breath on cold nights to far away places and i'm walking through a list of reasons my hands might be shakin'. there's no use in building that house when the whole world is burning down. from the water tower, we can watch the sunlight fade and die. and we can't avoid our reflections for as long as we'd like not to admit, the ways were complicit and a part of all this shit we claim to resist. we center our personal struggles, use them as excuses to just check out, and we're passed out in the neutral ground. and we can't escape the privilege we perpetuate by cleaning our wounds and by playing it fucking safe. and i've got plenty of problems to use as excuses to just look away. keep pretending that i cant see the face in the mirror is the one that's digging these graves. there's more that needs protecting than our goddamn feelings and there more than the scars on our bodies that need healing and your not innocent with the ignorance your wielding. in this system of oppression there is no third party.
Track Name: rainclouds
i rode south for the winter, but goddamnit, i'm still cold. my lungs are filled with black mold and second-hand cigarette smoke. it feels like purgatory, i'm so distressed, just trying to stay busy not to get depressed, but them rainclouds follow me everywhere i go. well, that sunshine leaves your town as soon as i show up. finally got my boots stuck out of the mud, but that rain follows me everywhere i run. my train went north out of el paso, woke up in kansas city, ballast covered in snow. might as well be walkin' on the sun. and i've been trying to find that silver lining, but it's hard when your fingers are frozen. when every thing you own is drenched and soaking wet, you say you like getting caught in the rain. well, goddamnit darlin', that's just insane, i've got a five day forecast in my head, it says spend another five days lyin' in bed. wake me up when them rainclouds go away. well, i hate this fuckin' place, but i'm too sad to leave. them rainclouds follow me from seattle to new orleans. i got a stomach full of regret that it never let me forget. i got rainclouds over my head from seattle to new orleans.
Track Name: whiskey voice
same six old hymns, broken bottle limbs, outstretched, desperate, looking for a friend. whiskey, keep me warm, so my bones don't ache and hurt. where the frozen limbs of birch trees are the frost-bitten fingers of the earth. i tried to get away. even the freedom of movement is a goddamn cage we built of broken trust and trauma, we forgot how to feel safe. so just leave me alone. when i die, bury me by your dead dog's bones. soak my body in the wine we use to kill our time and use the empty bottle as my gravestone. stumblin' round downtown, tightly wound, breakin' down, turn around, turn around. wine bottle, slow it down, tell my brain 'don't make a sound,' turn around, turn around. that sick in your head starts to swell, you numb yourself, 'cos you're not well. can't say the words stuck in your throat, damned if you do, damned if you don't. out of step, reachin' out, trying to find some solid ground and just fallin' down. screaming out to the crowd, someone pull me out before i drown. stuck in my ways, it's just the key the song plays in. never changing. my mind is too loud, i need to dumb it down. i'm going down, down, down. it's not a fine wine, it doesn't get better with time. searchin' for somethin', rollin' down this old main line, down this old main line.
Track Name: bleeding heart
the sun shrivels the grass. the snow blankets the hillside. the bleeding heart blooms. i hope that you are still alive. you carried me for months on end in a basket made of human limbs, and we shared each breath of oxygen till our lungs were half full and our stomachs half fed. you never said goodbye. your car was the last thing that i saw, two glowing red tail lights, a cloud of black exhaust. now you're playing cards with severed heads, detached from the bodies of what used to be your friends and a crown of bramble bleeds your skin. i don't think i'll be seeing you again. we make promises we can't keep. reminded of each other by the rain, we stay dry, but still we can't sleep. and on cold nights, we have grown to need, but i've learned to use these two lungs to breathe on my own. we make promises that we can't keep. out of the rain, but we still can't sleep. on cold nights, we've grown to need, but i've learned to use my own lungs to breathe. i hope you're still alive. you never said goodbye.
Track Name: driftwood
i'm always jumping ship before i make it to the shore and i wonder from the water what it was that i was lookin' for. something's in the distance, i can't tell what it is. my body's in resistance and i'm lookin' for a new way out again. driftwood, drifting drifter, always treading water. a very small boat and very rough seas. salt in my wounds is somebody else's prophecy. the water's rushing in. i'm runnin' out of options. it's time to sink or swim and i'm lookin' for a new way out again. i'm always trying to catch my breath, but there's no air at the bottom of the ocean. i'm always chokin' on my words. the leak in the ship's getting worse and worse. i'm always drowning in regret and i don't need another reason to forget. i'll never make it to the shore. my sails are tattered from this storm.

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